Riflesso was born from a passion that I have cultivated since when I did not think it would become my job. It is the result of a journey that began due to the fascination that this sector made me feel, increased in last years thanks to the experiences that I have lived. I am Matteo, I am thirty and I moved from Milan to Monferrato to follow my dreams and give birth to a new little company in this area’s wine reality.

“Riflesso” (“reflection” in italian) because I believe that wine is not only a convivial drink, but a way that the producer can use to convey his personality and his ideas. Production philosophy, respect for the respect for the territory and for its peculiarities, technique, content and aesthetics.

In 2015 I know Tommaso (a wine producer from Monferrato) by tasting one of his wines in a Milanese wine shop. I decide to know him face to face. We get on well and, as a young student of the university faculty of agriculture, I decide to begin to help him in his winery. In the same summer I work for other wine producers in Piedmont, until when I’m hired in a winery based in the south of Lombardy. Here I’m able to improve skills that I had only read on university books. This allows me to experiment some of the techniques to make wine from autochthonous grapes from Piedmont, strictly chosen by my philosophy based on exploiting the potentialities of the crop and of the territory.

Thanks to these experiences Riflesso was born, to reflect in my wines my identity, composed by tradition but also by a constant research, extending the production to more grape varieties with aging in containers of different materials and shapes. Always lead by my ideas.

Dedicated to my grandfather Giorgio, farmer and engineer born in Veneto. The cycle begins again.